Now I don't have to take painkillers for any type of pain. I have started giving Reiki if I am not getting proper sleep or if I am not able to get rid of stress. It really works for me. Thank you, Reiki!
2nd Degree Channel
Reiki has brought a lot changes in life both personal and official. Now I'm more stable and successful professionally, strong mentally and Physically. sometime it has also happened that I just think in flash of some situation/event and it has happened exactly same. Also till today there is no day that I fell short of money (thanks to reiki), somehow money will be arranged or I get surprise income in times of crisis. Basically, I’m happy in life and I thank universe and reiki for these good times.
3rd level channel
4 months with reiki and I feel, it's not me. A complete negative personality changes into an utter optimistic one. I used to crib about any and everything in my life. Though those were all genuine reasons, and that nothing around me has changed as such, but I have started looking beyond all those problems and worries. An incident worth mentioning is one when I had forgotten my wallet on a shop. Every damn thing that is precious to me lies in my wallet. And coincidently that day it had 8000 cash in it. After reaching office, realised that my wallet wasn’t with me. Got damn scared and called my sis back at home. After searching for some 40 mins, got a call that its lost. I started to home. I did not have a pen paper for intention slip. Just took my cell, and in the message composing area, wrote my intentions and started giving reiki. Astonishingly, in less than 2 mins I got a call that they had found it back. This is just one out of the many incidents, where I have found my lost things. To summarize reiki has made me a complete positive person, with loads of faith and confidence on self.
A Professor

I have done my Neuro Reiki 2nd degree around two and half years back. Since then my life has changed. I would like to share one of many change's happened in my life. The "Reiki Box" technique.

This story is about my graduation days. I was pursuing my culinary arts course from Hyderabad. My course was about to end and interviews for campus recruitment where about to start, but looking back at my academic scores I thought that, I won't get a good job. One day I was on a refresher session of Neuro Reiki, that day Sandeep sir elaborated about the Reiki box and taught us how to do it. I practiced the Reiki Box technique diligently everyday keeping all my faith on it. Within one and half month I got a call form an elite organisation and now I am placed in one of the largest cruising companies since an  year.

Debal Ghosh
Neuro Reiki 2nd Degree Healer
One of the best things that happened to my life and the best decision so far. Many of my illnesses at physical level were addressed in the first degree/level and in the second degree /level I attained mental peace. I am looking forward to register for third degree/level. I should not have waited for six years for getting into this course.. I wasted that six years... The sooner the better. Thank you Reiki... Ajay bhaiyya and Sandeep sir.
Lavanya Lata
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