Traditional Reiki 3A Degree

15,340.00 incl. GST

Traditional Reiki 3A Degree

15,340.00 incl. GST



This is the Master Level and it is the last milestone as a Reiki Healer. At this juncture of your journey, we would attune your Crown Chakra at an advanced level. Due to this attunement, you would experience elevation in your spiritual Connectedness. At this level you become capable to perform surgery at an Aura Level and remove any blockages from aura. By keeping your Aura clean and strong, you ensure to keep disease out of your system. You are awarded with the Master Symbol at this stage which enhances your healing power by 10 fold when compared to 1st Degree Healer.

Prerequisite: Need to be 2nd Degree Certified.

Type of Session: Classroom

Course Duration : 1 Day (4 – 6 hours)

Date, Time & Venue: Will be shared over phone or email


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