Traditional Reiki - 2nd Degree

3,540.00 incl. GST

Traditional Reiki – 2nd Degree

3,540.00 incl. GST



This is the area where you play on the intuitive plane. At this stage of your journey, we attune your 3rd Eye Chakra at an advanced level. This results in enhancement of your intuitive power and enables you to perform absentee healing.

As a result of your attuned 3rd eye, you become enable to heal your’s and others’ past and future. You can time the energy to any important event in future so that the event turns into your favour. Not only this, you can take the Reiki Energy to your past and heal any painful event/incident/trauma which is emotionally pulling you back in life.

Your healing power increases 10 fold times when compared to 1st Degree Healer.

Prerequisite: Need to be 1st Degree Certified.

Type of Session: Classroom

Course Duration : 1 Day (6 – 8 hours)

Date, Time & Venue: Will be shared over phone or email


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