Traditional Reiki - 1st Degree

1,770.00 incl. GST

Traditional Reiki – 1st Degree

1,770.00 incl. GST



This is just the beginning of the journey towards Reiki energy. In this course you will  learn the art of healing yourself and others by just placing your hands. During the session, we would activate 4 of your 7 chakras by virtue of which your intake of energy increases  multi – fold times. This in turn would enhance your internal healing power.

In this level you will learn how energy works and how we can use it to heal yourself and others. You would further learn about the chakras and their function, you will know how blockages in chakras lead to physical and emotional discomfort and how do you resolve them.

Prerequisite: None

Type of Session: Classroom

Course Duration : 1 Day (6 – 8 hours)

Date, Time & Venue: Will be shared over phone or email


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