Neuro Reiki™ - 1st Degree

3,540.00 incl. GST

Neuro Reiki™ – 1st Degree

3,540.00 incl. GST

Neuro Reiki – First Degree Course.



This is the basic level of  Neuro Reiki™. At this level 4 out of your 7 chakras (Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat and Heart Chakra) are activated/ attuned.

This enables you to draw life force energy in abundance. This would result in energising glands and their respective organs. Once you are attuned, you just need to place your hand on the affected part of your body. Reiki energy will flow through your hands and would heal the part/organ/disease. This healing affect is magnified when it is combined with techniques of powerful visualisation used to align your subconscious mind to the task.

At this level, you are trained to use Reiki energy along with having a basic understanding of how Subconscious mind works. You are further trained on technique of erasing past painful memories and technique of getting into mode of excellence instantly.


Prerequisite: None

Type of Session: Classroom

Course Duration : 1 Day (7 – 9 hours)

Date, Time & Venue: Will be shared over phone or email


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