Suffering from anxiety, depression, fear, phobias or failure in life…?

Let it be any disease apart from the diseases mentioned earlier, can be treated with the inner power you already possess. All the diseases that manifest in your physical body are result of the below:

  • Incapability of drawing sufficient energy from the universe;
  • The whole universe including plants, animals and humans are made of 5 elements namely, Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Space. They always need to be in harmony as per their required percentage. Any imbalance in any of the elements would result in disease.
  • Most of our diseases are Psychosomatic. Created just because of our past painful memories, Thought processes, beliefs etc.

The techniques used in Neuro Reiki™ activate the chakras, enable intake of energy into our body in abundance resulting in harmonising 5 elements and works on re-imprinting your subconscious to get rid of past painful memories, create new beliefs and helps you transform your life and kick start the journey towards positivity and success.

Neuro Reiki™ considers all the creator of diseases and provide you the tools to work on all of resulting in holistic healing and absolute synergy among Body Mind and Soul.

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