Nityatatva™ is established with a purpose to empower people and provide them holistic wellness.

Wellness doesn’t only mean having a fit body. A fit body with a weak/ negative mind would never serve the purpose of holistic wellness and eventually possession of the unwanted thought/ emotions/ feelings would lead to physical ailment.

We at Nityatatva™, believe and practice holistic wellness which not only covers physical plane of our existence but also makes sure that the psychological aspect is in harmony. This is achieved without use of any conventional medicine or medical practices.

The team at Nityatatva™ works with the clients to activate their inner powers and ensure their physical along with emotional well-being is achieved. We also take a step forward and teach techniques to stop ailments even before it enters the physical body.

Yes…, It’s Possible.

The team is built by hand picking masters and grand-masters of their respective discipline having experience of more than two decades of healing people and transforming peoples’ lives holistically. This centre stands for the quality service to cure all kind of illness in the most ideal way.

We offer various courses dealing with healing physical ailments through an alternate healing method (Reiki). Our service does not stop here. As shared earlier, we believe in holistic wellness. We offer various courses on understanding and re-framing your subconscious mind through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques. At Nityatatva™ we, pull out people from their dependency mode and activate their own inner powers and capabilities which is long forgotten, to achieve their absolute wellness.By the end of the course, our clients are no more dependent on outer world but are well equipped to face the issues of life and shape their future as per their own will and wish.

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