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Nityatatva™ is a Holistic Wellness Centre in Hyderabad, which has been enabling and empowering people naturally for transforming their lives and attain their dreams effortlessly. We offer courses which enable our clients to cure various ailments naturally. The masters and coaches have been serving people for more than 20 years with a motto of providing most natural, holistic and effective remedies to the people and help them live a better life.

From the beginning, our masters and coaches have created wonders by not just curing but healing many anomalies of people, who had tried all other types of medicinal treatments but couldn’t get better benefits.

The principles of life mainly work by emphasising on the balance between two symptomatic elements called body and mind, thereby focuses on healing self with nature by maintaining a balance between these elements.

Our Courses

Traditional Reiki

Heal their Body

Issue less Mind & Disease free Body 

We have endless power within us. However, we end up with ailments. We end up being a pressure cooker, full of stress, tensions, anxiety, fears and phobias. Our personal and professional lifestyle, eating habits, unwanted emotions and thoughts, etc. stops us from attaining perfect health. It stops us from striking the balance among body mind and soul.

Reiki uses life force energy which is abundantly present in the universe to heal our body, mind and soul. This course unlocks your inner power by attuning 4 of the seven chakras at various levels and intensities which empowers you to heal your body and mind. By the end of this course, you not only be able to heal yourself and other without any use mainstream medicine and tools but also will have the power to stop any ailment/ disease even before it enters your physical body.

Neuro Reiki™

Food always tastes better when various powerful ingredients are mixed together. This is no different in healing. This course uses the power of Reiki mixed with various powerful concepts and techniques to align your subconscious mind for  enhancing the impact of healing and drastically reduce the healing time resulting in holistic wellness through synergised body, mind and soul.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Workshops

A wide range of courses are available for transforming your life by inculcating neuro linguistic programming techniques.

Why Us

It is critically important to identify and have a right guide for any skill. It not only takes you to the next level of life but also saves your time. A good mentor acts as a catalyst in the overall process of transformation.

As training at Nityatatva™ are not just any other academic subjects; rather are techniques  that needs your expertise of deep knowledge and delivery.

When you decide to learn these wonderful holistic transformation techniques, you will need to find a mentor that can help you learn the finer points of such techniques in your own simple language; a mentor who can teach you as to how to deliver your skills to yourself and others to bring about the desired transformation.

Our team at Nityatatva™ will help you understand the finer points of Applied Fundamentals of all such techniques in a very simple language ensuring your complete understanding and internalising.

Our Mission

We believe and aim at developing inner potential of human beings.

Our mission is to enable and empower people so that they can make informed choices and take effective decision by creating innovative solution to uplift their lives along with their surroundings.

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